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Venue Regulations

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The following regulations for events held at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex have been established to promote a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment for all of our patrons, promoters, participants, artists, and employees.

Code of Conduct | Use of Complex| Prohibited Items | Security | Lost Items | Cameras/Photography | Emergency Information | Food & Beverages | Smoking | Ticketing

Code of Conduct

  • Individuals shall comply with all rules and regulations of the Amarillo Civic Center Complex at all times while on the premises.
  • Individuals are encouraged to report inappropriate or offensive behavior to any Amarillo Civic Center Complex employee or to the Head Usher table located near the main gate of the Coliseum and in the lobby areas of the Auditorium and Globe-News Center.
  • Appropriate behavior must include respect for all individuals at all times.
  • Individuals must wear shirts and shoes at all times.
  • Individuals that may legally consume alcoholic beverages shall do so in a responsible manner.
  • Individuals may not interfere with the event, the artists, and/or athletes in any manner.
  • Individuals may not occupy a seat or remain in an area for which they do not possess a valid ticket.
  • Individuals shall refrain from using offensive language, fighting, displaying obscene gestures, throwing objects, and/or engaging in other behavior deemed detrimental to the experience of other individuals.
  • Individuals may not stand on seats or any other building structure.
  • Individuals may not block the aisles.
  • Individuals shall comply with requests from facility staff regarding facility operational and emergency procedures.
  • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • Violations of the Code of Conduct may result in eviction from the facility without a ticket refund.

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Proper Use of the Complex

  • The Amarillo Civic Center Complex is publicly owned, however all public areas are leasable space. In order to use any leasable area for demonstrating, picketing, or protesting of any kind, it is required that the space be properly leased following the same contractual obligations and criteria set forth by the Complex for any potential lessee. Protesting and peaceful assembly is permitted outside the Complex on publicly owned property.
  • Nothing is permitted to block ingress or egress to any leased space, common areas, or emergency exits. In addition, no one may obstruct others who desire to use the sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, street, or right-of-way anywhere on the Complex premises.
  • The Complex is a leasable space facility and those individuals leasing any space in the Complex are bound to specific contractual obligations. We cannot allow anyone to occupy space on the premises of Complex without following the proper leasing procedures set forth by the Complex and the City of Amarillo.
  • Only those individuals that have leased space inside the Amarillo Civic Center Complex are permitted to set up any tables, chairs, displays, or signage. Any such set up must be in compliance with all Complex agreements and rules.
  • Only signage related to events at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex may be displayed inside the facilities and must be in compliance with all the Complex Decorating Guidelines.
  • Only event directional signage may be used on the exterior premises of the Complex and must comply with all Complex Decorating Guidelines and City of Amarillo ordinance No. 7201.
  • No one is permitted to set up any tables, chairs, or displays on the exterior premises of the facilities without express written permission from Complex management.
  • The conduct of all persons leasing, working in, or patronizing the Amarillo Civic Center Complex should not be such as to deliberately entice or incite people to create a hazardous or uncontrollable crowd situation.

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Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed on the premises of the Amarillo Civic Center Complex at any time:

  • Fireworks, unauthorized pyrotechnics, or an open flame of any kind
  • Laser pointers
  • Air horns, bull horns, or electronic noise makers of any kind
  • Confetti, glitter, or helium balloons
  • Outside food and beverages
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates, scooters, or bicycles

The following items are also restricted in some way at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex:

  • Restrictions on “Concealed Carry” & “Open Carry” license holders will be at the discretion of the lessee or event promoter.
  • The distribution of promotional items, flyers, handbills and/or printed materials is not permitted without written permission from the Complex management or the event promoter.
  • Unauthorized vending, peddling or product sampling is not allowed.
  • Backpacks, briefcases, large bags, wrapped gifts, or coolers are not allowed into events ticketed through Panhandle Tickets.
  • Similar restrictions may apply to other events and are at the discretion of the event promoter or lessee.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is no check-in area for prohibited items at any event.

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  • All persons, bags, and purses entering the Amarillo Civic Center Complex are subject to inspection.
  • For ticketed events within the Complex, individuals will be required to have an event ticket upon entry or provide an appropriate pass that has been approved and set up in advance for entry into the ticketed or restricted area.
  • Non-ticketed events open to the public are subject to the rules and restrictions set forth by the event promoter or lessee.
  • Security cameras may be in operation.

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Lost Items

  • Lost and found items that are turned in by patrons or discovered by Complex staff are logged into Lost and Found each night.
  • All items will be disposed of appropriately if not claimed within 30 days.
  • To inquire about lost items call the Amarillo Civic Center Complex Administration Offices at 806-378-4297 during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST.

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  • No cameras, audio, or video recording devices allowed unless specifically stated.
  • Binoculars are allowed.

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Emergency Information

  • The Amarillo Civic Center Complex will not be able to make public address announcements on behalf of individuals.
  • AMR Emergency Medical Technicians are generally on hand during ticketed events at the Complex.
  • EMERGENCY EVACUATION – in the event of an emergency, Complex personnel have been instructed and trained to assist you in evacuating the premises.
  • Please see an Amarillo Civic Center Complex employee or the usher near you if you have an emergency or need assistance.

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Food & Beverages

  • Individuals attending ticketed events at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex are not permitted to bring in outside food or beverages.
  • Lessees and vendors displaying and selling at scheduled events are required to adhere to the following policy:
    • Any item that may be easily consumed on site may not be sold or given away outside the control of the Complex’s contracted concessionaire. Items sold in bulk or for resale off of Complex premises will be allowed pending approval of Civic Complex management. Authorized vendors will only be allowed to sell items in quantities of 8oz or greater in sealed packages. This includes, but is not limited to, candy, cookies, fudge, ice cream, caramel apples, nuts, and beef jerky.
    • No beverages are to be sold or given away outside the control of the Complex’s contracted concessionaire.
    • Any exception to this policy is by written approval of Complex management.
  • The food and beverage policy is in keeping with the contract between the City of Amarillo and the Complex concessionaire. Please understand that it is the lessee’s responsibility to see that your vendors are in compliance with this policy. Lessees with vendors not in compliance with Complex policy will be in violation of their contract and may be denied future bookings in the Amarillo Civic Center Complex. Vendors not in compliance may be required to leave.

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  • Pursuant to State and Local ordinances, no smoking of any kind is allowed inside the Amarillo Civic Center Complex. This includes vaping, e-cigarettes, and other devices.
  • Smoking is allowed outside of the complex. This includes vaping, e-cigarettes, and other devices.
  • Smokers exiting or re-entering a ticketed event must do so at a ticketed entry point and have their ticket ready to present.
  • It is strictly prohibited to attempt to prop or hold open any exit only door.

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  • Individuals are required to have their ticket or an appropriate pass on their person at all times and must provide their ticket or appropriate pass upon request.
  • No refunds or exchanges.
  • Tickets bought from unauthorized sources may have been lost, stolen, or obtained improperly. The Amarillo Civic Center Complex reserves the right to deny admission to the holder of any such ticket or for nonpayment. Any purchases made from unauthorized sources are at the patron’s own risk.
  • The reselling of tickets above face value on the premises is prohibited.
  • If the ticket holder leaves the facility for any reason during an event, they must have their ticket to re-enter the event. Patrons must go to a ticketed entrance to re-enter the event. There is no re-entry from exit only doors.
  • For any other ticketing information please visit

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